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  • October 8, 2000: The Molina family (Lutherans) moves from Guatemala to Switzerland, Zürich.

  • 2004: They start the contact with Pastor Ralli, missionary in Spain

  • September 2009 Roberto Molina begins his studies of Lutheran theology in the distance program of the "Centro de Estudios Hispanos" (LCMS)

  • 2011: Pastor Ralli finishes his commissioning in Spain and visits the Molina family to explore possibilities of missionary work. They develop a plan of visits and missionary work, biblical studies, catechesis, etc.

  • February 2012 Roberto Molina begins his Vicariate in the Emmanuel Congregation of Stuttgart (SELK)

  • April 2012: Pastor Ralli receives a job offer in a metalworking company in Burgdorf, Bern. This is a door that God opens for him to start a formal and stable mission work in Switzerland.

  • We received spiritual support and formal covering from SELK through the Emmanuel Lutheran congregations in Stuttgart. Pastor Theodor Höhn.

  • In July 2012 the family of Pastor Ralli moves to Burgdorf and starts a missionary work with a group of Latinos in Burgdorf and with the Molina family in Zürich.

  • October 2012: Pastor Theodor Höhn of the Stuttgart congregation and the SELK mission director Roger Zieger install Pastor Walter Ralli as a teacher and preacher of the Lutheran doctrine in Switzerland.

  • Roberto finished his studies of theology in the "Centro de Estudios Hispanos"

  • February 24, 2013: The Confessional Lutheran Church in Switzerland is officially constituted. 13 adults and 3 children confirm their membership. Walter Ralli is called and installed as a pastor of the LBKS.

  • February 2015 Roberto Molina finishes his Vicariate.

  • November 2015: The signature of the communion of pulpit and altar with the Evangelical Lutheran church of the synod of France takes place.

  • March 6, 2016: Roberto Molina is ordained LBKS pastor and sent as a missionary to the region of Zürich.



  • The first step was to consolidate a strong Confessional Lutheran church in Switzerland. We have worked on and built the bases and fundaments of our little community.

  • We have two pastors now that work 8 hours from Monday to Friday in a company to support their family. We have teachers for children. We have 25 members and 15 not-confirmed persons that attend our different activities.

  • The last year we sent 3 young people to 3 different countries in order to let them gain experiences with Lutheran churches in other contexts. Nicolas went to the Lutheran Church in Argentina, Victor to a congregation of the SELK, (Kleine Gemeinde Hermannsburg), and Martina to the Dominican Republic.


Congregation in Burgdorf


We have:

  • Our Divine Services in a rented building that belongs to the Methodists Church. 

  • Spanish Bible studies with German translations once a week.

  • A Bible study group in German (6 people)

  • We have a family camp each July

  • We have a spiritual retreat each October in Spain.

  • Since 2015 we attend the International Lutheran Youth Rally. 2015 in

       Wittenberg, 2016 in Zürich, 2017 in London.

  • We have special activities for woman, Youth and children.


Mission point in Zürich

  • At the moment, we have 1 bible study per week, pastoral visits to new contacts

  • and some united Divine Services with the Congregation in Burgdorf.



  • Next year I will register with the unemployment fund so that I have more time

to study German and to prepare the new leaders. The church is growing and we

need to go one step further.

  • We want to start a program of diacony.

  • We need to start a specific German work.



  • We made a logo with the slogan: 500 years with the eyes on Christ. We distributed publicities.  

  • We are studying some Lutheran documents and principles.

  • We will make a Luther celebration in the last weekend in October.

The work of God in Switzerland

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